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No matter who you are
or where you’ve been,
YOU are welcome here.

At Life.Church La Crosse LifeGroups, you'll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you.

No building?
No problem.

We are starting a new and different approach to church . . . a truly unique, faith-based community for the 21st century in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area that combines the best of BIG and SMALL

Our faith fills our homes, literally. We are a network of Life.Church LifeGroups in the La Crosse area, connected by the BIG Life.Church

We meet in SMALL groups (LifeGroups) in homes and stream the service together, followed by a discussion of the service or a traditional Bible study. Anytime and anywhere.


Life.Church is a large dynamic multi-site church based out of Oklahoma with 42 sites in 13 states that reaches over 80 countries each week both in-person and online. Life.Church Online has over 915 LifeGroups in 60 countries. We are some of those groups! You may know Life.Church from the YouVersion Bible app. It’s been downloaded on over half of a BILLION unique devices and is in over 1600 languages. Using this app, people from all over the world read over 100 million chapters of the Bible each day!

Image by Aaron Burden


Take part in a Biblical community of imperfect people where you can love and be loved, know and be known, and serve and be served. We blend the best of world-class teaching, worship, and the global impact of being part of a big church with the intimacy and life change of LifeGroups in homes and online. It’s the best of both worlds!

Join us as we start several in-person and online LifeGroups connected by Life Church

La Crosse so we can reach out to our community and demonstrate Jesus' love. 

  • Each LifeGroup will meet together in homes or online and will stream the Life.Church one-hour weekend service with thought-provoking and engaging Biblical messages and high-energy worship music. 

  • Afterward, the group will have a discussion of the message or a traditional Bible study and prayer for about an hour.  

Once a month, all the LifeGroups in Life Church La Crosse will come together for a large group gathering and service to our local community.

Image by Rachel Strong
Image by Grzegorz Mleczek


Interested in more info about current LifeGroups? Maybe you'd like to start an in-person or online LifeGroup in your La Crosse-area community?

Get in touch today!

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